Western Murray Irrigation manages water quality mainly through scouring

Non-Potable Water

Western Murray Irrigation pumps water directly from the Murray River.

The water is not treated and is not fit for human consumption (non-potable).

Generally it can be used for stock and garden use, however, when toxic blue-green algae are present, this water may not be suitable for human use or stock.

The water quality of the Murray River can vary by month and year and is affected by factors including:

  • Temperature
  • Turbidity
  • Nutrients
  • Algae
  • Salinity
Water Maintenance

Western Murray Irrigation manages water quality generally through filters and scouring, but occasionally problems persist with the natural build up of water animals and plants.

There are a number of actions customers can take including a regularly maintained on-farm irrigation system and regular cleaning of the outlet filter. However, if problems persist contact Western Murray Irrigation for assistance.

Assistance/Emergencies: call 0428 596 428 anytime.