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 Shareholder announcement

Western Murray Irrigation Ltd (WMI) would like to update shareholders on the recent outcomes of the AGM and elections at the subsequent Board meeting.

At the AGM, held 30 November 2021:

  • Kevin Watson was re-appointed as the Coomealla Director;
  • The Curlwaa Director position was declared vacant as there were no nominations received; and
  • Shareholders resolved to accept all resolutions proposed.

The WMI Board, at their first meeting following the AGM, held on 1 December 2021 re-elected:

  • David Whitbread as Chair; and
  • Allison McTaggart as Deputy Chair.

The Board also accepted Michael Goodrem’s resignation as the General Member Director and immediately appointed him as the Curlwaa Director. This is to ensure all three irrigation areas are fully represented.

The Board then declared the General Member Director position as vacant.

The Board and management would like to sincerely thank all shareholders who attended or submitted proxies for the 27th AGM proceedings.

Shareholders can access the AGM minutes and other information in the shareholder portal on WMI’s website.


Judith Damiani


3 December 2021

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