Meter Upgrade and Telemetry Installation Update 25 June 2020

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WMI is currently installing new meters and telemetry units at eligible outlets.

Mechanical flow meters 80mm and above may be replaced with Siemens Mag8000 flow meters and a telemetry pole. The Datacall telemetry system will provide real-time data to assist with your water and irrigation management.

Eight radio towers (8m poles) have been installed, one in Buronga, two in Curlwaa and five in Coomealla.  These towers pick up the radio signals from the telemetry units and on send them to the servers.

Example of an installed                                              
radio tower                                                                  











The installation is required to follow an approximate circular pattern based on the location of each radio tower. Once a meter and telemetry pole is successfully installed, it is required to be tested and commissioned. Customers will have immediate access to the new meter, however online access can only be provided after the telemetry and communication systems have passed its various contractual tests.

The installation will be undertaken by WMI staff which will also provide an excellent opportunity to inspect each outlet in detail and undertake any additional maintenance works if required.

In order for our staff to undertake the installation as efficiently and safely as possible, can you please ensure that your outlets are clear and free from any weeds, plants, rubbish and covers/surrounds.

We will ensure our installation works will be coordinated with customer watering requirements.

We will be calling each eligible customer as the installation date approaches to schedule in the work.

We look forward to upgrading meters and providing a new telemetry system to enhance water management for both customers and WMI.





Q: When will my new meter be installed?

Mechanical flow meters 80mm and above will be replaced with new Siemens Mag8000 flow meters as follows:-

Coomealla: September 2019 to March 2020 – complete

Curlwaa: April 2020 to August 2020 – in progress

Buronga: September 2020 (where required)

You can access the meter readings as soon as it is installed and tested.


Q: When will the telemetry system be installed?

Eight radio towers were installed during August 2019.

Individual meter telemetry poles will be installed with the new meters as follows:-

Coomealla: September 2019 to March 2020 – complete

Curlwaa: April 2020 to August 2020 – in progress

Buronga: September 2020 (where required)


Q: When will I have real-time access to my water usage?

We expect to provide real-time data to your outlet once all system and communication testing is complete. Remember this is a totally new system which will require technical expertise and thorough testing of the whole system before being used. In the meantime, the meters should be manually read as normal.


Q: How long will the installation take on my outlet?

We have estimated up to 4 hours on a standard site.


Q: How much will it cost me?

There is no additional cost for the new meter and telemetry system as these works are being funded by the Asset Replacement Fund.

There may be time and/or cost incurred to remove weeds, plants, rubbish or covers/surrounds prior to WMI installation. It is the customer’s responsibility for keeping the outlets clear of weeds/plants, rubbish or covers and safe for WMI access. Customers will be contacted directly if this is required. WMI may charge for the cost of doing this if not undertaken by the customer.


Q: Do I need to do anything before installation?

Ensure your outlet is clear and free from weeds, plants, rubbish, covers or surrounds. If not WMI may charge customers to undertake this additional work.

WMI staff will be in contact with each eligible customer prior to scheduling works.


Q: Do I need to do anything after installation?

Your new meter is ready for use, but online access can only be granted once the whole system has passed its contractual tests.

Meter changeover documentation will be provided as well as a quick start user guide for the new Siemens Magmeter 8000.

Click here to download the quick start guide.


Q: Who do I call if I have more questions, or experience problems with the new system?

Please call the WMI Office during business hours on 5027 4953;


call the Availability Officer (24/7) on 0428 596 428 for urgent or emergency enquiries.



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